New Spiritual Healing Methods

spiritual healing methods

Let’s face it.  In this time in our history, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world, almost everyone can realize we need some new spiritual healing methods right about now.  We need it individually and collectively, in our relationships, in our career approaches, and in the way we perceive reality.

Spiritual Healing Methods Were Stable Yet Cemented In Past Cultures

The methods humans used to spiritually heal themselves in times past were cemented into the culture.  Each culture had a bit of a different take, but they all had their own spiritual style.  This was the spiritual rock on which all the cultures were based.  We have always had a consensus based reality, all throughout our history as humans.  No matter how bizarre the beliefs and practices of any culture, as long as a majority believed them, that was reality, and people conformed their spirituality, and whatever methods of healing themselves were available, around that reality system.

While this provided stability on one level for the culture, on another it could and did make huge blind spots for the spiritual healing that was really possible.   As an example, head on over to YouTube and type into the YouTube search bar “Apocalypto Part 7″.  After watching that video, you can see that the methods of spiritually healing employed by the High Priests in those times were adopted without question by the culture, giving them a cohesiveness of purpose for the power of their nation.  But because they were so cemented, nobody within the culture would allow themselves to admit that they were also quite sick.

Have We Lost All Our Methods Of Spiritual Healing In These Modern Times?

Even though the methods of healing ourselves spiritually could have been sick, or maybe sometimes they were not as sick, in all the cultures from the past, at least they provided spiritual stability for people in those old cultures.  You knew what the reality was in those days.  There were always traditions and practices that fed the people spiritually, whether the traditions were truly spiritual and healing or not..

But if you look carefully, all methods of spiritual healing are currently fluttering and flying away on the breeze, in almost all cultures these days.  There are less and less spiritual rules and methods for the people to look to and follow to find some semblance of healing.   What do we do?

Do The Best Spiritual Healing Methods Come From Within?

spiritual healing methodsWhat is ironic is that the human being is constructed so that our spiritual healing methods work best when they come from within us.  As Jesus himself said: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you”  Luke 17:20-21.

Upon closer examination of that clip from Apocolypto, we can see that the spiritual methods, and the cultures thereby, have always been under the control of a small group at the top.  It has also been, for as far back as our history goes, rule and role based.

The Spiritual Healing Methods Under Our Collective Nose All This Time

What if there were spiritual healing methods that we never knew anything about, that could open us more and more to our true nature, to the true nature of reality, to our ultimate potential, but we have been so busy all this time, bamboozled and caught up in all the rules we have always been suppose to follow, from all the spiritual methods of the past, that the simple methods that lie within were bypassed?

Perhaps we are undergoing a shift in approach and we don’t even know it.  Because the spiritual healing methods in past times were all about rites, rituals and a bunch of mumbo jumbo voodoo incantations, the average person naturally thought, wow this is way above my head.  Better to just leave it to the experts, and do what they say!

What If Spiritual Healing Methods Were Like Simple Tools A Person Could Easily Learn?

We tend to think of anything in the realm of spiritual healing as massively complicated, or else arcane, kooky, and basically impossible.  In the old days in Europe, they used to burn you at the stake for even thinking for yourself in these areas.

But what if it was all a very simple process of tuning into the spiritual healing methods that lie within?  What if we could practice a simple meditation each day and learn some amazing things about our reality, about our lives, about our spiritual path, or about our relationships for example?

What if we could learn such things like:

Spiritual Happiness And Healing – Can A Simple Meditation Help Find It?

The world is getting more and more complicated with each passing day. There is so much information to manage, so many gadgets to assimilate, so many choices.

It seems that with such endless options, a person would have an easy time finding what makes them happy. Or, are we too overburdened, too overwhelmed by everything we must do now to know how to find our path towards spiritual happiness and healing?

Spiritual Happiness? Or Have We Lost Control?

Do we feel like we have control over our lives? After all the system we were born into wasn’t created by us. And so it seems we must simply adapt to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, even as the complexity increase on every level seemingly at an exponential rate.

So how could we tell that we are down a path that will work for us, and lead to our spiritual happiness and healing? Is there a way to measure it, a way to see?

Is Our Endless Adaption Really The Way To Find Spiritual Happiness?

For example the fact that we have to simply adapt to this ever more bewildering world, is that working out for most of us? How could we tell?

One way to know is simply to look at the stats. The average adult these days watches an average of over 4 hours of TV a day. This is an obvious sign, along other more severe addictive behaviors that run rampant through our culture, such as alcohol use, overeating etc, that most of us may not know how to find the path towards spiritual happiness.

So given that general fact, is there another way to find guidance in our world today, to find the spiritual path to happiness amid the overwhelming glut of options?


Can Tough Experiences Bring Spiritual Healing?

spiritual healingWe’ve all had tough times. Nobody, it seems enjoys an endless charmed existence, where they enjoy blue skies forever. And many of us, when having one of these less than happy times, can get into quite a pity party.

“Why me?” is a common question. Sometimes we wonder what it says ABOUT us. Are we a bad person? Are we being punished? It must be common to think such thoughts, when the going gets tough.

Sometimes we only later realize the spiritual healing we received.

But have you ever had what you thought was a terrible experience, and only later realized it gave you a wonderful lesson, perhaps a spiritual healing? That even though it may been so tough at that moment, we sometimes wished we could die, there was a gift in it at last? Maybe our soul came out richer, for example. Maybe we became more humble, or perhaps realized the real meaning of love.


A New Spiritual Technique – Could We Change Our World?

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
Albert Einstein

spiritual techniqueWell anybody can look out at the world these days and see some that wild times are happening, with more on the way.  We could have a very chaotic time in our near future.

And with the gigantic scale of events, many of us seem be crawling back into our turtle shells, trying to be safe from the melee storming outside the window.  Others wail and protest, trying to wake up the sheep to our coming peril, like the proverbial Noah whilst building his ark.

The spiritual technique that switches things around.

So what SHOULD we do about it all?  What if the wildest part was, just like Dorthy and her ruby slippers, we already have inside of us an inherent spiritual technique that can change the basic situation, but we never realized it before?  Not to change the entire world immediately, but to shift perspectives, to let go of the methods and ways that we have been entrenched in, but were so ubiquitous, that it was like fish breathing water.


Spiritual Healing In A Castaway World

Does life get more syncronistic, as we go forward on the journey of spiritual healing? Are there signs and messages all around us, from every person in our life, and everything that is happening, that become more visible to us the more we become aware of them?

I thought so the other day, when I was cleaning out the storage, and I came across the movie Castaway. For some reason, though I don’t watch too many movies anymore, I decided to watch it again.

In this movie the main character, played by Tom Hanks, gets stuck on a small Island for 4 years after a plane crash, and we see how totally intense it is to live without other humans, and without any of the necessities we use and take for granted today.

And it brought up immediately in my mind the story of Noah’s Ark. Perhaps not the story we have all learned, how Noah built the Ark to save what could be saved of all the animals etc, so that when the rain stopped the earth could repopulate etc. (more…)

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