Can Tough Experiences Bring Spiritual Healing?

spiritual healingWe’ve all had tough times. Nobody, it seems enjoys an endless charmed existence, where they enjoy blue skies forever. And many of us, when having one of these less than happy times, can get into quite a pity party.

“Why me?” is a common question. Sometimes we wonder what it says ABOUT us. Are we a bad person? Are we being punished? It must be common to think such thoughts, when the going gets tough.

Sometimes we only later realize the spiritual healing we received.

But have you ever had what you thought was a terrible experience, and only later realized it gave you a wonderful lesson, perhaps a spiritual healing? That even though it may been so tough at that moment, we sometimes wished we could die, there was a gift in it at last? Maybe our soul came out richer, for example. Maybe we became more humble, or perhaps realized the real meaning of love.

But what if, crazy as it may sound, SOME tough times were actually attempts at redirection from our unconscious mind?  What if, we could get the spiritual healing, as well as the lesson now, instead of later, and so re-tack to get the wind at our back?

How my tough times finally started me on a new spiritual healing path.

I never used to put much stock into this synchronicity Celestine Prophecy nonsense. I have always been a pretty logical person. Analysis is one of my strong suits. Then bad things began happening, one after another in my business. I always disliked this particular business; it kept me fed, yet my soul always hungered.

It would take too long to tell the whole tale, but I wound up this series of synchronistic bad times attending a wedding in Sedona AZ, and went up to Flagstaff afterwards. I had spent time in college there, but many years since had passed. Even so, I thought a little weird that I couldn’t even find my way onto the main drag down in the college interior. And only the railroad tracks in town were the same.

Finally I said to myself, well what if I WAS getting some kind of message from all these things that have been happening, what would that message be?

The answer came immediately, “You don’t have time for foolish reminisces. Time is short. Get on with what you came to do here.”

I came home, and started to write.

Finding our soul direction brings the ultimate spiritual healing.

Is there a soul direction that we are here to fulfill? Is fulfilling it the only path towards true spiritual healing? Can we learn to hear what our soul wants to tell us, and learn to follow its directions? To find out more about it, go here.


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