New Spiritual Healing Methods

spiritual healing methods

Let’s face it.  In this time in our history, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world, almost everyone can realize we need some new spiritual healing methods right about now.  We need it individually and collectively, in our relationships, in our career approaches, and in the way we perceive reality.

Spiritual Healing Methods Were Stable Yet Cemented In Past Cultures

The methods humans used to spiritually heal themselves in times past were cemented into the culture.  Each culture had a bit of a different take, but they all had their own spiritual style.  This was the spiritual rock on which all the cultures were based.  We have always had a consensus based reality, all throughout our history as humans.  No matter how bizarre the beliefs and practices of any culture, as long as a majority believed them, that was reality, and people conformed their spirituality, and whatever methods of healing themselves were available, around that reality system.

While this provided stability on one level for the culture, on another it could and did make huge blind spots for the spiritual healing that was really possible.   As an example, head on over to YouTube and type into the YouTube search bar “Apocalypto Part 7″.  After watching that video, you can see that the methods of spiritually healing employed by the High Priests in those times were adopted without question by the culture, giving them a cohesiveness of purpose for the power of their nation.  But because they were so cemented, nobody within the culture would allow themselves to admit that they were also quite sick.

Have We Lost All Our Methods Of Spiritual Healing In These Modern Times?

Even though the methods of healing ourselves spiritually could have been sick, or maybe sometimes they were not as sick, in all the cultures from the past, at least they provided spiritual stability for people in those old cultures.  You knew what the reality was in those days.  There were always traditions and practices that fed the people spiritually, whether the traditions were truly spiritual and healing or not..

But if you look carefully, all methods of spiritual healing are currently fluttering and flying away on the breeze, in almost all cultures these days.  There are less and less spiritual rules and methods for the people to look to and follow to find some semblance of healing.   What do we do?

Do The Best Spiritual Healing Methods Come From Within?

spiritual healing methodsWhat is ironic is that the human being is constructed so that our spiritual healing methods work best when they come from within us.  As Jesus himself said: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you”  Luke 17:20-21.

Upon closer examination of that clip from Apocolypto, we can see that the spiritual methods, and the cultures thereby, have always been under the control of a small group at the top.  It has also been, for as far back as our history goes, rule and role based.

The Spiritual Healing Methods Under Our Collective Nose All This Time

What if there were spiritual healing methods that we never knew anything about, that could open us more and more to our true nature, to the true nature of reality, to our ultimate potential, but we have been so busy all this time, bamboozled and caught up in all the rules we have always been suppose to follow, from all the spiritual methods of the past, that the simple methods that lie within were bypassed?

Perhaps we are undergoing a shift in approach and we don’t even know it.  Because the spiritual healing methods in past times were all about rites, rituals and a bunch of mumbo jumbo voodoo incantations, the average person naturally thought, wow this is way above my head.  Better to just leave it to the experts, and do what they say!

What If Spiritual Healing Methods Were Like Simple Tools A Person Could Easily Learn?

We tend to think of anything in the realm of spiritual healing as massively complicated, or else arcane, kooky, and basically impossible.  In the old days in Europe, they used to burn you at the stake for even thinking for yourself in these areas.

But what if it was all a very simple process of tuning into the spiritual healing methods that lie within?  What if we could practice a simple meditation each day and learn some amazing things about our reality, about our lives, about our spiritual path, or about our relationships for example?

What if we could learn such things like:

  • How to tap into our true purpose for being on the earth at this time.  How this realization brings the highest spiritual healing possible.
  • The simple methods to open the source of our “spiritual sight” or intuitive self.  How we can come to realize that THIS and not the arcane beliefs and rituals of times past, should be be the rock on which we rest our spiritual healing methods!
  • How true inspiration comes from within, which by definition means that it comes from the creator.  How this realization brings inner peace.  How we can not just realize that it DOES, but how that process can happen for US!
  • How each event and person in our life is not just some “thing” to be managed, but a powerful lesson and indicator for us, constantly redirecting us back to our true path!
  • How to cut right to the truth through all the other spiritually healing methods and endless propaganda that are constantly vying for our attention in these days!

Is The World Now Ready For These New Spiritual Healing Methods?

Are we right in the middle of a massive paradigm shift regarding spiritual healing methods?  The old top down dictating of reality on the one hand seems more in control than ever, and in other ways is breaking apart.  You can see the signs of it if you look.  The advent of the internet itself is helping people move away from a “one size fits all” reality system.

The old methods we have always used, of adapting into the established definitions of reality of the day, seem to be serving us less and less, and when people get less of a payoff, they look around for other possibilities.  Something new seems to be in the air.  Can you sense it?


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