Spiritual Happiness And Healing – Can A Simple Meditation Help Find It?

The world is getting more and more complicated with each passing day. There is so much information to manage, so many gadgets to assimilate, so many choices.

It seems that with such endless options, a person would have an easy time finding what makes them happy. Or, are we too overburdened, too overwhelmed by everything we must do now to know how to find our path towards spiritual happiness and healing?

Spiritual Happiness? Or Have We Lost Control?

Do we feel like we have control over our lives? After all the system we were born into wasn’t created by us. And so it seems we must simply adapt to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, even as the complexity increase on every level seemingly at an exponential rate.

So how could we tell that we are down a path that will work for us, and lead to our spiritual happiness and healing? Is there a way to measure it, a way to see?

Is Our Endless Adaption Really The Way To Find Spiritual Happiness?

For example the fact that we have to simply adapt to this ever more bewildering world, is that working out for most of us? How could we tell?

One way to know is simply to look at the stats. The average adult these days watches an average of over 4 hours of TV a day. This is an obvious sign, along other more severe addictive behaviors that run rampant through our culture, such as alcohol use, overeating etc, that most of us may not know how to find the path towards spiritual happiness.

So given that general fact, is there another way to find guidance in our world today, to find the spiritual path to happiness amid the overwhelming glut of options?

A Simple Meditation Opens The Path Towards Spiritual Happiness

Supposing I were to tell you that the answer is right there behind your eyes? That there is a place of passion inside of you that is easier to find than you may think, and that from this place you can find the way to your ultimate destination, the place of spiritual happiness you really want inhabit?

Would you like that? Would you like a little demonstration of your inherent abilities? I don’t want to do all the talking, like a preacher droning on endlessly, so maybe we can give you the reins for a brief moment. And then you can tell me how you felt about it, so that I can learn more, and you can feel more involved, deal?

Suppose I was to ask you now to close your eyes, and ask yourself, how is your life going? Don’t answer immediately, just allow that question to be there. Do you feel excited by your direction or not?

If not, then ask yourself, again with your eyes closed, what would your life be like if you were fulfilled, if you found spiritual happiness? Again, don’t answer, just allow that question to be there, and see what happens. See if you get a feeling, see if a vision comes up in your awareness.  Take a few moments.  Allow yourself a mini meditation.

Did you get anything at all in either vision? Now my question is, how did this process feel to you? Did you notice if felt better during the second question? Tell me what you think below.

This is a hint of your internal guidance system. Believe it or not, but what you did access the most powerful part of your mind. The part that can answer all your questions, and be an unerring friend and guide through the times we live in today. Perhaps finding spiritual happiness and healing could be easier than we think.


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